Ep.20 | The Coach and The Critic with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy describes what he calls “The Coach and The Critic”. Everyone has competing voices in their head – one that is encouraging and motivating, and the other that is negative and doubtful. Through their own experience in hockey and life, Coach Andy and Eric discuss how you can better train your Coach and control your Critic.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy starts off with a few of his favourite quotes – “Not to know”, and “Man In the Arena”. This sets up the episode for a discussion on the coach/critic dynamic both internally, and externally.

The boys use many examples to explain how your inner coach and critic can shape your mentality and help or hinder your performance. They discuss inner dialogue, staying in the moment and ‘the power of now’ concept, and how to build and feed on your successes.

They finish covering the importance of a high-quality environment to surround yourself with good information aligning with your goals.


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