Ep.18 | Being Prepared with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the importance of always being prepared for opportunities in hockey, and life. Recounting his trip to Russia training with NHL hall of famer Igor Larionov, Coach Andy goes over some of the keys to his success in getting that opportunity, and how he was able to excel with it.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy opens the podcast with a couple poems on mindset and preparedness. This branches into a discussion on becoming complacent, and the differences between being motivated and taking action.

Coach Andy then recounts his trip to Russia where he was hired to train with Russian hockey legend Igor Larionov. He walks through the travel process and all the factors leading up to this high pressure stage as a trainer. He discusses the necessity of proper preparation and how that allowed him to thrive even in a non-ideal and unfamiliar environment.

The boys finish by relating the lessons learned from that Russia trip to young hockey players and how they can be ready to answer the bell when opportunities arise.


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