Ep.17 | Seeking Help In Hockey with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric breakdown the process of seeking help in hockey. With the path to success being so difficult, the two discuss where to find help and how to evaluate if a resource is adequate. They go on to discuss how coaches can make themselves a resource in youth hockey, and how to shape your mentality as a player to find the help you need.

Show Notes and Resources

Branching from a previous podcast with Kris Draper, Coach Andy outlines some of the key takeaways for players, parents, and coaches.

The boys move on to discuss mental toughness with several examples of pro and junior players trying to find their way to becoming a pro. This leads to a discussion on the resources you might look too and how to evaluate who/what a quality resource looks like. They discuss parents, coaches, scouts, and online sources you can lean on for quality information.

They finish up touching on how to proper ‘take the help’ you’re receiving, and a few examples on applying the new information.


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