Ep.16 | The Way of the Fight with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy reads several excerpts from the popular book “The Way Of The Fight” by UFC legend Georges St-Pierre. He and Eric discuss the path St-Pierre took to becoming a champion, focusing mostly on his early stages on development, his mentality as a kid, and the early judgements of his coaches. They go on to contextualize these lessons for young players looking to grow in the sport.

Show Notes and Resources

Opening the episode, Coach Andy shares several childhood stories of former NHLer, Dalton Prout, and the habits he developed en route to the NHL.

This leads to a summary of the well-known Georges St. Pierre book titledĀ The Way of the Fight, and the many lessons young athletes can take from his story. The boys discuss fear as it is discussed in the book, and how it parallels to many other aspects of sport and life. They contextualize the importance of qualities like uncompromising will and determination, especially if you are not starting out as one of the best in your domain – as was the case for GSP.

Moving on, the conversation moves into the realm of coaching and team environment. They cover how coaches can apply the principles in the book, and the significance of having a network of support to help you succeed as a player, and a coach.


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