Ep.15 | Having Purpose with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric breakdown why having a purpose is the key driver to your success. For the player, the two discuss how you can define a purpose to nurture your goals. For parents and coaches, they touch on how to facilitate the development of a young athlete by helping them to align with their purpose on the day-to-day.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open with a discussion on life and how most people don’t have the life they want and the difficult process of getting out of that hole. The necessity of having a purpose behind your life is critical to achieving anything.

This branches into a discussion of purpose with respect to training. Coach Andy gives several examples of exceptional athletes managing their purpose and shaping their daily habits around those goals. Eric then outlines the differences between being ‘selfish’ vs. ‘uncompromising’ when it comes to living your purpose and how it may affect the people around you.

Coach Andy then covers how to start having purpose as the player, parent, and coach. He uses his own life and those of players and parents he has dealt with to provide guidance from each perspective.


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