Ep.13 | Hockey Parenting 101 with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss parenting surrounding youth sports. They touch on common problems with the uninformed parent, overanalyzing and over-involvement, and what to look for in trainers and coaches to make sure you are well informed when it comes to your child.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open with a talk on Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart making their way to the NHL from a difficult life. They move into a discussion on the guidance and parenting that these guys dealt with growing up.

This starts up the conversation on general parenting in the sport of hockey. Coach Andy and Eric discuss the reasons why kids should play hockey and key tips that parents must keep in mind while their kids develop.

Coach Andy gives a few examples of parents he’s dealt with as a trainer and a coach. He covers how to take advice from qualified people, and what factors you should look for in the hockey resources in your circle.

They wrap up on training, spring hockey, and the OHL draft.


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