Ep.107 | When Should Parents Step In? with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss how parents can be HELPFUL or HARMFUL when their young athletes face difficult circumstances. They cover when it is appropriate to step in as a parent, how to get useful feedback from a coach, being objective as a parent, and where coaches go wrong in minor hockey.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open this episode with a continuation from the previous episode discussing EliteProspects and HockeyDB. Coach Eric shares a recent message he received from a scout and another perspective on the topic. Coach Andy follows up recounting a player he used to train and a brief conversation on how hockey has evolved. 

This leads to the topic of when parents should step in. Coach Andy starts off with a few recent conversations with parents looking for guidance to help their kid. He explains how to identify if the issue is at the level of parent intervention, and how to gauge if your behavior or thought process as a parent is warranted. From there, Coach Eric presses Coach Andy on his ‘Equal isn’t fair’ philosophy, and has him elaborate on the nuance of this thinking. They move on to discuss how parents can get caught up watching only their kid, and have trouble seeing the rest of the game. 

Finishing up, Coach Andy shares his thoughts on the tendency for many parents to want to move and/or switch teams, and how coaches can go wrong when coaching minor hockey.


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