Ep.106 | Players To Watch with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric share some of their favourite players to watch in the NHL. They discuss players at all positions, some of the most impressive attributes about their game, and cover the different paths each player took to reach the professional level.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Eric opensthis episode introducing two new programs – the In-Season Training Program as well as the PowerTech Meal Plan Program. Both can be found on the PowerTech website or at the social media links in our bio. 

They move on to an extended discussion on EliteProspects, HockeyDB, and other related promotional/scouting websites that are popular with young hockey players. Sharing their thoughts on the role of these types of pages, Coach Andy and Coach Eric answer a listener question on where these sites fit into the development path of a player. 

This leads Coach Andy to his player profiles including some of his favourite NHL players to watch. He goes through each position and who he feels are excellent players to try and learn from. He runs through the different roles each player fills on their respective teams, and what there is to learn from their development paths.


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