Ep.105 | Owning Your Game with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss why you NEED to OWN YOUR GAME. They outline how to take responsibility for your own performance, dealing with a coach you feel is ‘screwing’ you, making an impact in the game beyond getting points, and advocating for yourself!

Show Notes and Resources

Leading off this episode, the boys talk about the NHLs newest ironman, Phil Kessel. After playing his 990th straight NHL game, Coach Andy and Coach Eric discuss some of the circumstances around Kessel including his reputation and work ethic, as well as giving some perspective on what holding this record means.  

From there, they move into the topic of OWNING YOUR GAME. 

They start with a discussion on the October NHL draft rankings that recently came out and how players should digest this information. This leads Coach Andy to the headline of owning your game – he defines this phase, and shares how to apply this as a development strategy. He and Eric trade ideas on how you can impact a game to get noticed by your coach, and the problem with simply ‘blending in’ to the game. They give several examples of NHLers that show their unique value every game beyond getting points. 

Finishing off, they discuss how best to advocate for yourself when things aren’t going your way. They cover how to approach your coach and the action steps you must take before doing so.


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