Ep.103 | Being A Captain with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the purpose of a team captain. They outline the role of a captain, the process of picking team captains, leadership in general, examples of good and bad leaders, whether or not having captains is important, and how to lead without a letter.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy opens this episode sharing a few key takeaways from his recent conversations with NHL scouts. He includes tips on how to get noticed, what scouts are looking for, and an interesting conversation on Montreal Canadiens, Arber Xhekaj. 

From there, the boys get into the topic of captains. Coach Andy first outlines the technical role of the team captain at all levels from youth hockey to pro, before he and Eric have an exchange on whether a captain is necessary or not. They share their thoughts on where picking captains can go wrong (particularly at the minor hockey level) and some of the negative experiences they’d had in this area. Moving on, they cover what it means to be a leader, some of the tell-tale signs of a true captain, and how to lead without a letter. They finish covering some of the team dynamics created from the team leadership core.   


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