Ep.102 | Ask Me Anything IV with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric answer the questions of PowerTech Online members in Ask Me Anything IV. They cover topics including appropriate training for U8 players, how to mitigate nervousness when being scouted/evaluated, preparing for tryouts, what makes a good skater, balancing hockey with life, in-season training, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

This AMA episode answers several online member questions including:

  • How much if too much ‘training’ for my six year old?
  • How can I mitigate nervousness and anxiety when I know I’m being scouted or evaluated?
  • Should I play multiple positions during tryouts to show versatility?
  • How can I prepare for a morning skate the day before?
  • Is deadlifting 205lbs for 4reps at 13 years old good for a hockey player?
  • How can I improve my positioning in the ozone as a forward?
  • Why do we switch to ‘maintenance’ training during the season? Can I still get stronger?
  • How do I balance school, hockey, and a social life?


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