Ep.100 | Minor Hockey Tryouts with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Coach Eric cover the hot topic of tryouts in minor hockey. They discuss the evaluation process, signing and cutting kids, coaching communication, the behaviour of parents, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

Starting off this episode, Coach Andy outlines the design of minor hockey in Ontario and the basic process of tryouts. He and Eric discuss some of the pros and cons of the system and point out some of the common points of contention. 

They then move on to address the specific concerns that are frequently discussed beginning with the evaluation process during tryouts. Factors such as the length of time on the ice and pre-season games are touched on. They then share their thoughts on signing kids early, rather than the entire team at the same time, and some of the unnecessary conflict this can cause. Coach Eric transitions into coaching communication and the importance of addressing players and parents, particularly when it comes to cutting kids. 

They finish off the episode discussing hockey parents and their general behaviour during this time. In pointing out some strategies for avoiding issues between families, Coach Andy and Eric provide perspective on how to navigate the tryout process with as little stress as possible.


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