Ep.1 | Mastering Mental Toughness with Dr. Jason Novetsky

Coach Andy discusses the mental side of the game with Dr. Jason Novetsky of Champion Mindset Group. Learn how to deal with pressure and anxiety, be in the moment, control the controllables, and own your mental traps.

Show Notes and Resources

Dr. Jason Novetsky, Champion Mindset Group

Dr. Jason Novetsky is the owner of Champion Mindset Group in Michigan. He is a Sport & Performance Psychology Coach with a doctorate in education and a master’s in psychology.

As a coach, Dr. Novetsky subscribes to the notion that talent is over-emphasized and mental toughness is the competitive advantage that creates champions. Using several methods, he focuses on developing mental workout programs to prepare for competition, and creating plans to sustain focus and respond to adversity during performance.

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In this episode, Dr. Novetsky discusses how he discovered the power of mental toughness as a college pitcher. His performance was at an all-time low, when a coach handed him a book on how to deal with pressure and competition. Exposure to this new information provided proper techniques and strategies to deal with adversity, eventually guiding him back to success on the field. The turnaround in his performance using the power of the mind ultimately inspired Dr. Novetsky to become a Sports Performance Coach.

As described by Dr. Novetsky, mental toughness is the ability to manage our attention under pressure by learning to stay in the moment. He emphasizes the importance of being able to decrease fear, while allowing your talents to take over. Pressure can come in many forms – when we care about something, when we are unsure of an outcome, or when we may be judged on our performance. Through various examples, Dr. Novetsky provides several methods to deal with and overcome the inevitable pressures of competition, performance, and life.

Dr. Novetsky coins the term mental traps, which are thoughts that trigger poor performance. He outlines how athletes can recognize and overcome these mental traps to maintain a winning edge. He offers tools and techniques for parents and coaches to use to keep their athletes on track.

Confidence – Dr. Novetsky explains that confidence is a choice. We don’t lose confidence; we simply choose to focus on the wrong things. We get caught focusing on emotions instead of instructional methods. He leaves us with strategies to instill confidence immediately, while avoiding/handling some of the common mental pitfalls.

Enjoy this episode with Dr. Jason Novetsky!