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PowerTech Online 2023 Off-Season Fitness Program

Designed by Strength Coach Eric Palazzolo, this program was created BY HOCKEY PLAYERS, FOR HOCKEY PLAYERS using methods developed by athletic fitness professionals and NHL strength and conditioning coaches. This program takes a generic and holistic approach to training all modalities necessary to excel on the ice in the upcoming season.
*Generally, not recommended for players under the age of 14 and should always be done with appropriate supervision*

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PowerTech Online Meal Plan Program

As athletes, one of the most underrated and overlooked tools for improvement in the gym, in sport, and in the performance of daily life, is NUTRITION. Following a nutrition protocol can be a great resources for learning about the needs of your body, awareness around food choices, fuelling for optimal performance, and general health. PowerTech Meal Plans will give you an opportunity to access the gains you could be making through your food choices.

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Skating Treadmill Packages

The PowerTech Skating Treadmill is the ultimate tool designed to help hockey players at all skill levels improve their skating stride. Treadmill skating is a personal skating lesson with a professional instructor who will analyze and correct the players’ skating technique, stride efficiency, upper body movement, control and more.

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Off-Ice Shooting Lessons

This is a must attend program for all players regardless of age or skill level. Let expert PowerTech instructors take you through 4 private shooting lessons to help you improve your shooting and goal scoring ability.