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These video series are broken down into the basic skills of stickhandling, skating, shooting, and coaching. Through each series Coach Andy emphasizes key points to improve your habits and build a strong foundation in all areas of the game.

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In this section, Coach Andy demonstrates a collection of combination drills involving stickhandling and footwork. Learn basic to advanced agility movements that translate to game situations.


These videos cover all things stickhandling. From deception to in-tight puck control, Coach Andy dives deep into the mechanics of stickhandling through countless high repetition drills.


Explore this section to find videos covering all different types of shooting. Coach Andy starts from the basics and progresses to advanced shooting methods used in game situations.


This collection takes a in-depth look into the mechanics of skating. Coach Andy starts with basic skating movements and proper positioning, progressing through foot work and game situation drills.


This section provides a collection of on-ice clinics, pro sessions, and the highly demanded “Ask The Coach” section. Learn to apply purposeful skill progressions during group sessions, watch professional off-season training, and hear advice on navigating the world of hockey.

Defenceman Skills

In this section, the focus is on defenceman specific drills. From defensive zone awareness to offensive zone shooting, Coach Andy covers it all, detailing proper technique and decision making that directly transfers to in-game play.

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Forward Skills

This collection focuses on forward specific drills. Coach Andy covers everything from offensive zone down-low work, to defensive outlets and position.  The skills covered in this section will help develop complete two-way play as a forward, and using creative skills in all three zones of the ice.