U8 3on3 Development

Program Features:

4 teams per division

10 Game/Week schedule

Ice divided cross ice by boards/pads and use intermediate 3’ x 4.5 nets

Two coaches from each team will be allowed on ice (with a helmet)

Online Scores and Standings

90 sec. shifts with change on the buzzer

Jersey included


Black Division – U7 2015/16 Advanced Players
Oct. 13th – Dec. 15th – 5:30-6:30PM at Tecumseh Arena

Gold Division – U8 2014 Advanced Players
Oct. 13th  – Dec. 15th – 6:30-7:30PM at Tecumseh Arena

Cost: $2500 per Team or $250 per Individual (plus HST)

Sign up as a team or an individual and be placed on a team

Max 9 skaters plus a goalie per team

Players are encouraged to join as teams with a parent coach. If a player wishes to play but does not have a team, they can place their name on the Free Agent List and we will try and find them a spot. 

Skating Treadmill Packages – Reopening July 19th

The PowerTech Skating Treadmill is the ultimate tool designed to help hockey players at all skill levels improve their skating stride. Treadmill skating is a personal skating lesson with a professional instructor who will analyze and correct the players’ skating technique, stride efficiency, upper body movement, control and more.


10 Sessions – $350 + HST

20 Sessions – $600 + HST

30 Sessions – $750 + HST

**Packages can be shared between family members/friends

**Packages have a 12 month expiry from date purchase

All sessions are booked online at your convenience. Once you signup and pay for a package you will receive an email for our system asking you to create a username and password.  Once you create an account you can book sessions online.

Current Hours as of July 2021:
Monday to Friday 1PM-8PM

Off Ice – Shooting and Scoring – Reopening July 19th


This is a must attend program for all players regardless of age or skill level. Let expert PowerTech instructors take you through 4 private shooting lessons to help you improve your shooting and goal scoring ability.

Program Details:
2 Progressive programs based on age and skill level: Advanced Level or Beginner/Intermediate Level
Four 30 Minute private lessons in our Rapid Shot Shooting Lane.
Cost: $180 plus HST

Typical Advanced Level Program:

Lesson 1: Shooting Mechanics

  • Proper form, footwork and balance, weight transfer, puck positioning, proper follow thru, shooting for power etc

Lesson 2: Shooting on the Fly and Quick Release

  • Footwork, proper release point, hand positioning, downward flex, follow thru, etc

Lesson 3: Goal Scoring

  • Art or scoring, shot selection, accuracy, fakes and creating deception, etc

Lesson 4: Recap and Review

Typical Beginner/Intermediate Program

Lesson 1: Shooting Mechanics 1

  • Proper form, footwork and balance, weight Transfer, puck positioning, proper follow thru

Lesson 2: Shooting Mechanics 2

  • Progress from lesson 1, shooting for power, shooting for accuracy, introduce receiving pass and shooting

Lesson 3: Quick Release

  • Continue to progress for lessons 1 and 2, improve quick release, introduce scoring areas

Lesson 4: Recap and Review